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We have a secret. We’ve been hoarding books!

Sooo, that probably comes as no surprise to any romance reader, ever. But it’s the sad truth of the obsession. We all love the possibility of the stories, yet we have such limited time. Right? If you know what I’m talking about, this is the episode for you. Listen as we chat about the books that have been languishing in our Kindle Unlimited libraries… for years.

Oh! We also go on a rant about Facebook. If you’ve ever raged against the social machine, you’ll enjoy the last part of this chat! 

Books mentioned in this podcast

The Escort’s Tale, an MMF bisexual romance by MJ Edwards

Contemporary, Disability, Menage

See it on: Amazon

Vampire Claus by Robert Winter

Contemporary, Gay romance, vampires, Christmas

See it on: Amazon

Instauration by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Apocalyptic, Zombies

See it on:  Amazon

Honeymoon For One by Keira Andrews

Contemporary, Gay romance, May-December, Australia

See it on: Amazon

Lights Out Lucy by Elicia Hyder

Contemporary, Young/New Adult, Roller Derby

See it on: Amazon

The Other End of the Leash by NJ Cole and Oliver Durant

Contemporary, BDSM, Lifestyle D/s

See it on: Amazon

Breaking Meredith: A Dark Romance (Disciples Book #4) by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty

Contemporary, Dark Romance, BDSM, DubCon

See it on: Amazon

The King’s Spinster Bride by Ruby Dixon

Fantasy, Dark Romance, DubCon

See it on: Amazon

Accidental Daddies: A Contemporary Romance Box Set by RR Banks

Contemporary, Surprise baby, Anthology

See it on: Amazon

Night of the Monrok: A Reverse Harem Romance by Aubrey Cara

SciFi, Menage, Reverse harem

See it on: Amazon

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts #1) by Kele Moon

?? (How to classify this? I’m not sure.. Sherrryyyyll??)

See it on: Amazon

Jumping Jude (A Made Marian romance) by Lucy Lennox

Contemporary, bodyguard (?), rock star

See it on: Amazon

Overflow (The Carpino Series) by Brynne Asher

Contemporary, Mafia

See it on: Amazon

Broken by Nicola Haken

Contemporary, CEO, gay romance

See it on: Amazon

Seeking Her Mates by Carina Wilder

Paranormal romance, Dragon shifters, reverse harem

See it on: Amazon

Guardian by Sierra Riley

Contemporary, Bodyguard, gay romance

See it on: Amazon

Barbarian’s Rescue (Ice Planet Barbarians #15) by Ruby Dixon

SciFi, Alien, Alpha males

See it on: Amazon

Full Domain (Nice Guys #3) by Kindle Alexander

Contemporary, Tattoos, US Marshall, NSA, Romantic suspense, gay romance

See it on: Amazon

Cut Wide Open by Abby McCarthy

Contemporary, Motorcycle club (MC)

See it on: Amazon

King by T.M. Frazier

Contemporary, Criminal past, New Adult

See it on: Amazon

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Episode transcript

You’re listening to infatuated. The podcast for romance readers who just can’t get enough.

Hey there and welcome to the Infatuated Podcast. This is Season 1 Episode 9. I am your host Sue Brown-Moore, and today’s episode is going to be a little bit different than usual. If you’re a frequent listener you know that we love to talk about books, especially romance books, because that’s kind of our thing. But in this episode we’re talking less about books and more about the idea of books, the promise of book. And I should also be straight up with you that we’re pretty drunk. Seriously, I mean this is probably not a surprise to anybody who’s listened to us before because we love our wine, but we did have a bit to drink before we started the podcast.

So you’re not imagining the slurs and the giggles, but it’s fun and I hope you’ll stay tuned at the end of the episode to find out what’s coming up next on the Infatuated Podcast. And without any further ado, let’s go straight into it.

[00:01:12.30] – Sue
Okay. So today Sheryl and I are hanging out and we were just randomly talking about our Kindle Unlimited lists, which are constantly full because you know you only get 10. And so I said, let’s just read them off let’s see what we’ve got. And so we started reading them and realized this could be a fun podcast. So we’re just gonna chat and riff about what’s on our queues, and to be clear this is not my backup wish list. Because I have one. This is my actual library, is checked out to me, and some of these have been in here a long freakin time. Sheryl why don’t you start us off, because I think yours is related to mine.

[00:02:00.41] – Sheryl
So the first one I have is by MJ Edwards. It’s called The Escort’s Tale, an MMF bisexual romance.

[00:02:07.85] – Sue
That title is unfortunate, but it’s actually a great read. I just finished it today and I was like I need more. This is so good. And also I wanted it to be a series and I don’t think it’s going to be. This made me a little bit sad, but it’s a really good book.

And so my my first book is about the same author but a different pen name, Robert Winter called Vampire Claus. It’s a short story Christmas novella about a vampire. I am reading so many holiday books right now. I have read so many lately. Like, its Christmas in August and September, is what it is. By the time December gets here I’ll be in Summer Olympics land.

[00:03:02.58] – Sheryl
OK. So my next book. Oh God, I have to say the name again. I cannot pronounce this. I’m a very bad speller by the way. So in it’s Instauration. It’s series book 3 by Sarah Lyons Fleming. It’s a great book. It’s about zombies and the apocalypse. And like, romance—there’s some romance in there.

[00:03:45.26] – Sue
You and your zombie books. Zombies creep me out, I can’t do it.

[00:03:47.33] – Sheryl
Oh yeah no totally. They creep me out as well, but like this book is really… it’s done in a way where you’re not dealing with the flesh eating-ness of it, but dealing with the love aspect of it too. It’s like a romance book with a twist.

[00:04:00.86] – Sue
I mean, is it like the walking dead zombies?

[00:04:09.62] – Sheryl
People can get eaten and they become zombies but it’s not everybody. The people that you root for I think get the happy endings which is really nice. Well that’s important in romance.

[00:04:24.06] – Sue
We’re not talking about The Walking Dead, though, right? I dislike zombies in general so that’s a big turnoff right there. But also it’s all politics. It all becomes human survivalist politics and that doesn’t make me happy. Like yeah it’s escapist but it’s not the kind of escapist I really want. I want to forget about my life and go somewhere totally different that’s happy.

[00:04:51.91] – Sheryl
I would I would I would definitely take a boat to an island. I’d go back to the motherland, well my parents motherland of Fiji, and kick all the zombies off and make them swim away or drown them or burn their bodies. I’d live on a perfect island. I’d have like goats, cows, chickens.

[00:05:08.43] – Sue
Wait, so we can kick the zombies off? Because why don’t they just do that? That’s it. That wasn’t the solution right there.

[00:05:24.21] – Sheryl
Like New York has what like billions of people?

[00:05:28.65] – Sue
Don’t use logic, don’t use logic. Okay. Too much wine for logic. Next. Number two on my list and my Kindle Unlimited library is Honeymoon For One, May-December gay romance by Keira Andrews. I really like this author. There’s an ice skater romance that she has, which is one of my favorites, and so I’m really looking forward to this one as soon as I finish Vampire Claus. Because vampires.

[00:05:56.13] – Sheryl
So my next one is Lights Out Lucy: Roller Derby 101 by Elicia Hyder and it is the Music City Rollers series.

[00:06:07.68] – Sue
I’m really excited to read this book because those girls are hardcore they’re badass.

[00:06:14.79] – Sheryl
Yeah I was a little afraid of some of them. #NightsWithFury #LadyFury

[00:06:25.85] – Sue
Okay next one on my list is The Other End of the Leash by NJ Cole and Oliver Durant. This one is about a couple who is in the 24/7 lifestyle, I think, and the dom has to leave for whatever reason so he transfers his dominance to another guy, another dom, and it’s a struggle of… they bond, couple bonds during this time, so can the guy give up his temporary submissive at the end?What’s going to happen? I don’t know but it looks interesting.

[00:07:00.44] – Sheryl
My next one is Breaking Meredith: A dark romance (Disciples Book 4) by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty.

[00:07:08.21] – Sue
That sounds super familiar. What is that about?

[00:07:10.67] – Sheryl
So it’s mafia. Well, the series… Each has different women and a different person in the Mafia. You could argue that the head of the mafia is the muscles whatever and I think one of the books that I really liked was the very first one where it was the head of the Mafia. He going back to collect a debt. And the guy basically says, take my wife and kids. That’s my debt to you. And this guy was like totally into the woman. So he basically took her options away, took the kids, made the kids his own, and she eventually was okay with it because she realized he was taken care of.

[00:07:49.55] – Sue
So… you can’t see my face right now, but it is, like, big eyes. My mouth is an “O”, like Oh my God. Seriously… What??

[00:07:59.87] – Sheryl
I’m telling you I know you’re not into mafia books but I think you might get into this one it’s pretty good. I’ve read, I think, three of the books already and this one is a little bit more of a harder one for me to get into because I didn’t like the heroine, and I think that’s what’s given me kind of a hesitancy in reading this book. I like the guy but I don’t really like the girl. She seems like a spoiled brat. She doesn’t really get anything, but again, as a reader you see a different story to the what the actual story is for her as a character.

[00:08:42.74] – Sue
My next book is The King’s spinster bride by Ruby Dixon. This has been on my list forever.

[00:08:54.68] – Sheryl
I love Ruby, loved her.

[00:08:57.53] – Sheryl
I’m not even sure I’ve read…. Have I read Ruby Dixon?

[00:08:59.96] – Sheryl
You have not I haven’t. I’ve been trying to get you to read the barbarian books.

[00:09:05.81] – Sue
Is it the ones on the frost planet. Yes. Not Hoth. This book, I keep trying to take it off my list. Every time I come across something else, I’m like Oh want to read that, but it’s KU, do I have room, can I get something off? And then I go to my list and I look at everything, and every time I look at this one I’m like, No. That looks really interesting! I really want to read that. So it stays. It’s been on here for two years!

[00:09:32.82] – Sheryl
So the next one is the reason we’re doing this podcast. [giggling] Because we couldn’t keep it straight face. So the author is RR Banks. It’s called Accidental Daddies, a contemporary romance box set. Yes, I bought a box set, and yes it’s called Accidental Daddies.

[00:10:02.13] – Sue

[00:10:02.96] – Sheryl
I don’t know, I was in a daddy mood one night and I went for it. I don’t know why it’s still sitting there.

[00:10:10.15] – Sue
This title is hilarious. Okay what’s great about this title. I can’t even open my I’m laughing so hard I’m squinting. What’s great about this title is that it tells you exactly what you’re getting. If you’re into that kind of book, that is your anthology. I am super curious how this turns out. My ears are crackling I’m laughing so hard.

[00:10:32.34] – Sheryl
This has been sitting there for a while. And I have not opened it. Well at this point I think, do I really want to read this?

[00:10:40.76] – Sue
Well I think it’s worth a look. Based on the title. [more laughing] Oh my God. Okay. Well, staying in the realm of the weird, my next one’s Night of the Monrok by Aubrey Cara, a reverse harem romance. I’m pretty sure it’s a sci fi four or five on one.

[00:11:06.62] – Sheryl
Come on look, I’ve read a few reverse harems and I like them. But there are some that are kind of just like oh there’s 10 guys. What hole are you filling? How many holes do I have for you?

[laughing] Too much wine. So. Okay. Reverse Harem is one of those things that I love and hate in equal measures and here’s why. I love the idea of a reverse harem.

I like the idea of the woman being the center of this group of men who all find her fantastically attractive. However it also kind of brings me back to Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, with the magical vagina, where all the dudes want her, all the girls want her. But why? Is it because she’s a succubus. Is it because she’s sexy. I don’t know, who knows? Everybody wants Anita.

Yeah it’s a little bit weird. But in most of these stories there’s a setup for it. So she’s auctioned off and it’s on some planet where there’s not many females and the men have to share.

Okay I get the logic. I get how the built the worlds are built, but why can’t the men be together? Why are almost all reverse harems where the men are never together with each other, they’re only with the woman. And I don’t know if that’s realistic completely? And I just I want to see the guys together too, so I like reverse harem, and I enjoy them for what they are but I also really like me some MMF.

[00:12:38.39] – Sheryl
Yeah I agree. Hundred and fifty percent

[00:12:42.08] – Sue
So every time I read a reverse harem, I then have to read an actual MMF menage because I need some guy on guy. All right. Next up, what you got.

[00:12:52.07] – Sheryl
It’s Defying the Odds (Battered hearts book 1) and I’m sorry if I’m saying your name wrong, I don’t want to try to pronounce it. It’s K E L E Moon— K L Kelly Kelly? I was thinking Kelly but I also don’t want to be wrong about that. I don’t remember what this book is about at this point.

[00:13:32.94] – Sue
I have trimmed like ten books I’ve really trimmed like ten books off in the last six months so it’s a new list than it was. OK my next one is Jumping Jude (Made Marion series book 3) by Lucy Lennox. I think this is a bodyguard romance, maybe rock star bodyguard, country music star bodyguard? Something like that.

The cover looks that people are at a concert, but then there’s two shirtless dudes staring at each other, so I don’t know. It’s a gay romance.

[00:14:32.89] – Sheryl
Yeah. So my next book is by Brynne Asher called Overflow: The Carpino Series. I don’t really remember what this is about. I think it’s got a mafia as well, not a hundred percent sure. You’re not going to like my next one.

[00:15:09.90] – Sue
You’d better go. I forgot where I’m at. I’m way out of order. OK I might have to start picking things. Broken by Nikola Hakan. The cover is nice and the guy on the cover kind of reminds me of the guy in the cover of American King by Sierra Simone. He looks like Ash. Which just makes me very interested.

Let’s see. Let’s see when I checked this one out. Borrowed on April 5th 2016. Guys it’s been over two years.

[00:16:37.03] – Sheryl
So my next one is Seeking her Mates, a paranormal dragon shifter romance, Alpha Seekers book 2 by Carina Wilder. It’s a very long title. Yeah. I also keep holding it because the book cover is very hot. It’s two guys on a girl. You guys should check it out. Check it. Finding her mate.

[00:17:13.32] – Sue
My next one is Guardian by Sierra Riley. I think it’s another bodyguard one.It’s also gay romance which is kind of my thing. I love them I love them. When did I borrow this one. Let’s see. March 20th 2016. For date reference, it’s now 2018. So yeah what you got next.

[00:17:54.40] – Sheryl
I have a Barbarian’s Rescue, a sci fi alien romance ,ice planet barbarians book fifteen by Ruby Dixon. The whole series is based off these women that are taken from Earth as prisoners and they are dropped off on a inhabitable planet and they find their mates. And they have to have something called the Kiwi (?) ingested into them to be able to survive on that planet.It is super good and I recommend everybody to read this.

[00:19:03.40] – Sue
My next to last one is Full Domain, Nice Guys novel book 3 by Kendall Alexander. At least two of these have had Reese Dante as the cover artist and I really like her covers. Let’s see when I check this one out. Oh this was in January of 2016. What’s it about? Let’s find out.

Honor integrity and loyalty are how Deputy U.S. Marshal Creed Sinacola lives his life. He’s a former SEAL and he’s now a marshal.

And then the other character—Oh it’s a gay romance. Shocking, yes really shocking—Young full of idealism. He’s an NSA agent. I think it’s gonna be kind of an action venture kind of thing. Maybe it’s another bodyguard romance! Could be fun. All right. What else you got.

[00:21:08.06] – Sheryl
My last book is called Cut Wide Open, a bleeding scars M.C. book one, by Abby McCarthy author, Hang Li illustrator, Nicole Reid editor. The front guy cover is really really hot. He has a shirt on but his haircut makes him look beautiful.

[00:21:42.44] – Sue
I’m not complaining. I like a beautiful beautiful cover too.

[00:21:46.97] – Sheryl
I mean who doesn’t.

[00:21:50.72] – Sue
All right. My last one in my actual Kindle Unlimited library. That’s not counting my wishlist, which is like a totally separate thing that I have to keep up because I don’t have room left, is the King series collection— King and Tyrant by T.M. Frazier. This has been in here since December of 2015. I know guys, I really need to get on this list.

[00:22:17.79] – Sue
Well I guess that’s it for tonight. That was a ton of fun. That was very interesting. I think at some point we should actually read all these books.

[00:22:24.54] – Sheryl
Yeah I’m hoping to.

[SUE NOTE (NOT IN THE AUDIO): Some extra chatter here about Facebook and giveaways and how to get the most out of blogger promos. Sorry, guys, this episode took forever to transcribe! Listen to the audio if you want to hear us being silly. 🙂 ]

Well that’s it for today’s episode. Thank you guys so much for making it all the way to the end. I know we rambled a little bit there at the end. I hope you had a good time listening to us and I hope you tune in for next the next episode. I would say next week but it’s going to be two weeks before it comes out so hang tight in the next episode. We’re going to talk about audiobooks and this is huge for me because if you know anything about my reviewing you know I never ever ever do audio books.

I am so picky guys so picky. But I finally found some audio books that have really turned me on to them and now I’m kind of obsessed. So tune in next time to find out which ones I loved and why you should read them. And also some things about that we’re like OK I liked you but I didn’t like it but maybe it’s for you anyway that’s all for this week. See you next time. Read something sexy!

Romance book addict. Storysmith. Photographer. Jeweler. Wine lover. Serially chasing brilliance.
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