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S1E6: Name that drink! (character-alcohol matching game)

Wine. Girl talk. Drinking games… Why not?

Sometimes you just want to drink and chill with friends. And if your friends are also rabid romance readers, the conversation is bound to devolve into giggling and book talk. So we decided to just cut right to the fun. 

Join Sheryl and I as we match our favorite tropes and book characters to alcoholic beverages! Listen in to see if we got ’em right!

Books we chat about in this episode

Some of these are related to a drink pairing, and some are just because we can’t help ourselves. =)

Fun quotes from this podcast

These should give you a glimpse of the level of ridiculous that happens when we drink together. Or really, just whenever Sheryl stops censoring herself. Hah!

“I hate zombies! You suck!”

~ Sue on being tasked with pairing a best-friend’s-brother zombie themed book

“To be very honest, if it’s an alien captive situation, they’re gonna have their own liquor, and I’m gonna want to try it.”

~Sheryl on pairing arranged marriage + SciFi alien-human matchup.

“Teachers I know get high, because, kids.”

~ Sue on pairing a drink with teachers

“You can do open heart surgery on yourself, then recover in your four-day book coma.”

~ Sue on Sierra Simone’s New Camelot trilogy while pairing a drink for a political romance. (Listen to that podcast here!)

“Imagine being pregnant for two years.”

~ Sheryl on Ruby Dixon’s “not Hoth” Ice Planet Barbarians story universe.

Followed by:

“No, just no!”

~ Sue. Because, duh. That sounds AWFUL.

She makes a really good book. The parasite ingested in your body sings to your mate until you’re impregnated.
~ WTF moment as Sheryl tries to describe Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians
If you’re a single woman, and a guy just comes into your room to have sex with you and leave—and not take your stuff—I’m okay with that!
~ Sheryl on Kristen Ashley’s Hawk Delgado

Shout-outs & fun notes

  • Larissa Ione can party like nobody’s business! (says Sheryl)
  • Clearly, neither Sheryl nor I is an expert about drinking in the Regency period
  • A drink to pair with non-con + celebrity? Oh boy, this can’t go well…
  • Sue shares her “first time”—getting drunk, that is—and why tequila is truly the devil.
  • Pop quiz: What character type did Sheryl choose “Liquid Cocaine” for and Sue “Sex With An Alligator”?
  • Sue learns how to pronounce “lagavulin”. Sheryl doesn’t care.
  • We fight about Night Huntress and my so-called “obsession” with Bones. Whatevs. Someone CLEARLY hasn’t read the series. #BonesIsMine
  • Sue realizes just how often she says “I feel like…” (must expand vocabulary!)

Meet my guest!

About Sheryl Sharma

Book boyfriend addict. Makeup connoisseur. Wine enthusiast. Expert at making everything sound dirty.

Sheryl Sharma is a frequent co-host on the Infatuated Podcast. She loves chatting with fellow romance readers and makeup lovers, so don’t be afraid to stalk… er, look her up on social media!

Join the discussion

Did we talk about any books or tropes you like? Did we get some details wrong in our tipsy banter? Did you think some of our pairings were spot on? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

Romance book addict. Storysmith. Photographer. Jeweler. Wine lover. Serially chasing brilliance.
About the Author
Sue "DaVinciKittie" Brown-Moore is a veteran romance influencer and the primary review voice for the Infatuated Podcast and GraveTells Romance. She has been shamelessly pimping book boyfriends since 2010 and has won several blogging & reviewing awards with GraveTells. Sue is also a seasoned, comprehensive editor who is on fire about educating and empowering romance authors. After leaving her work as the acquisitions editor for two traditionally published lines of category romance, Sue now works one-on-one with authors to bring out the absolute best in their stories. Check out her current openings and offerings at SueBrownMoore.com

3 comments on S1E6: Name that drink! (character-alcohol matching game)

  1. Regency Virgin drink….. Irish whiskey = current day tequilla. I’ve got two…count them, two…Regency women drinking whiskey. Boosh! 😀


    1. Ah, love it!! I knew there was more than sherry and water. LOL! Whiskey, all around!

  2. Quinn Loftis says:

    Thank you so much for the shout-out, Sheryl! So glad to hear you still read a bit of YA, including the Grey Wolves. That makes my heart happy! Vodka is perfect for Costin, the bartender, and the rest of the wolves because it forms a base for so many great mixed drinks and Costin is the master at mixing! Thanks. ~Quinn

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